God, Country, Liberty, and Respect

Let's cure California!

It is time to restore our medical freedom and fight to protect our children and citizens from tyranny.  I will be honored to represent you as your state senator to defend our Constitution and liberties.  

New CA State Senate District 6

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Putting My Passion and Experience to Work

My family and I immigrated to California from Taiwan to seek a better life.  I passionately support the freedoms and liberty we enjoy as Americans.  And I am willing to fight to protect it. 

After high school, I served a two year mission for my church then completed my education and medical training through the California school system.  I have been caring for my community as a Family Practice physician for 20 years.

In 2020, I became alarmed by the rapid spread of COVID-19 misinformation and dismissal of evidence-based medical practices.  This resulted in rapid adoption of baseless mandates which have been rooted in fear and ignorance.  I kept my medical practice open throughout COVID, treating thousands of patients who had been given up on by their physicians.


Over the past two years, I have worked tirelessly and provided early outpatient treatment for over 2000 COVID-19 patients without losing a single life.  I helped save more than 2000 jobs, including firefighters, police officers, and nurses, from unlawful COVID vaccine mandates.  Sadly, I have also treated thousands of children who suffered under the ill-advised state COVID health guidance.

We need to bring our citizens together from all sides and do away with censorship and discrimination.  We must function as a team to protect our children and restore medical freedom.   I have been very active, speaking at numerous school and government board meetings, and have worked with many renowned national figures to restore medical freedom.    


I am pro-business, innovation, and education.  I am a strong proponent of providing vocational training and reducing reliance on the government.  I support law enforcement and believe that every job is essential.  I will vote against tax increases and promote fiscal responsibility.  


Above all, I am an American.  I will fiercely defend our democracy and freedom.  I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves to ensure happiness, unity in our community.  It would be a privilege to make a large impact upon our community by serving you as your state senator.  I am honored to ask for your vote to represent you to defend our Constitution and liberties.


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