"These Policies aim to protect our liberty and restore safety and happiness in our communities"
Michael J. Huang

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Protect our Farms

Thin out the forests, stop water theft and pollution to ensure adequate and safe water supply for our farms.

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Supply Chain Relief

Supply chain backlog is a national emergency.  We need to take all necessary steps to relieve the congestion and restore commerce. 

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Defend Medical Freedom

Stop one-size-fits-all mandates.  Restore compassionate and evidence-based medicine.

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Afforable Homes 

Reduce regulations in home building to ensure affordable housing for all Californians

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Homelessness Solutions

Provide drug rehabilitation, counseling and punish criminal behavior.  Provide safe temporary shelter and job training as real solutions. 

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Stop Forest Fires

Thin out the forests and underbrush.  Prioritize PG&E line repairs in high risk zones to reduce frequency and intensity of forest fires.


Stable Energy Supplies

Set realistic energy goals and utilize/improve existing clean energy production technologies. 


All Businesses are Essential

Reduce business regulations and tax burdens. Incentivize innovation to help bring business back to California.  

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State & National Security

Support our law enforcement and military families to secure our borders and communities.  We need to be battle ready to defend our liberties and our country at all times.